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Project Description

Introducing the transformative Flagstaff CHC: Infrastructure project, where innovation meets vital community needs. With an all-encompassing approach, we spearhead the design and meticulous supervision of essential elements, from optimizing bulk water supplies and implementing intelligent water demand management strategies to constructing resilient reservoirs. Our expertise extends further to the development of modern sanitation sewer pipelines, septic and conservancy tanks, as well as pit latrines, setting new standards for public health and environmental stewardship. Moreover, we pave the way for seamless connectivity through thoughtfully designed road networks, while constructing robust buildings and structures that underline our commitment to enduring quality. This project isn’t just about constructing infrastructure; it’s about fostering a sustainable and thriving future for the Flagstaff community.


October 2015 To Sectional completed and in progress


Coega Development Corparation
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